We have seen a lot of action. Being in the legal support industry for 50 years is not something most other competitors can claim. We are proud to have such a heritage. We have proudly served the legal, insurance and medical communities in our home state of California. Despite being natives of the west coast, we can obtain records from anywhere in the nation and have served clients across the country. We have learned to navigate and simplify the chaos that record retrieval can be. We know it can be a headache, but we love what we do.

Customer Service

Come see what real customer service feels like. We were founded on providing the absolute best customer service that others claim to have, but don't deliver. We treasure our customers. Forget those bad customer services experiences you've had with others. You have probably wanted to find someone else, and you should. When you call us, you won't have automated answering systems sending you on a goose chase. You will be connected with a human within seconds. If you'd like to talk to our President, just call. He loves to hear from our clients.

Saving you Time & Money

Have you felt taken for every nickel and dime? Please stop feeling that way. Contact us for a free quote. If you have concerns you are being overcharged by another service, please get in touch with us. We can take a look at what you are currently being charged and we will provide you with a free and unbiased cost analysis of what we think. If you are getting a great rate, we'll tell you. We keep our processes as simple and efficient as possible to help you save time, to help us save time and to ultimately save you and your clients some money.

Why You Save With Us

We pass the savings on to you and your client.

No Extra Charges

No charges for phone calls, mileage or parking | No certification fees | No added cancellation fees | No additional processing fees

Lower Fees

Free order entry | Discounts for voluminous records | Minimal rush fees | No unreasonable shipping or handling charges

Saving Time

Free status updates | Quick response times | 24/7 online record access via computer or free mobile app | Online DICOM Viewer

What We Value

Time is money. Your time is everything. Over the many years we have been in business, we have learned how to be extremely effecient. With the combined use of advanced technology and our streamline processes, we provide extremely fast turnaround times and set the industry standard for providing records in the shortest amount of time possible.

Maintaining quality in every aspect of our products and services is a promise we will not break. We do not pick and choose certain parts to implement quality, but high levels of quality can be found in each and every part, including the care we have for our customers, our sense of urgency, our staff; we put a quality stamp in every aspect of our offerings.

Some companies have it, some do not. We've come across other companies that lack integrity and ethics. We avoid doing business with such companies. If there is a top 100 list for businesses with Integrity, we truly believe we are not only on it, but toward the top of the list. At L.A. Records, you can rest assured that you will be dealt with honestly and fairly.

Data in the digital world we live in can be too easily compromised. Your data's safety is one of our top priorities. Our website and repository are SSL encrypted and firewall protected to ensure all information is stored safely. All records are sent to our secondary off-site data center for redundancy back-ups.