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Release of Health Information - Security & HIPAA Compliance

As a healthcare provider, why not relax more, enjoy less headaches, less risk, less work and increased security at NO COST TO YOU?!!! Reduce labor costs and your staff's time dealing with medical record or radiology image requests so you can provide better care to your patients. More and more providers are utilizing a release-of-information company, but not all pick the right one. As a Registered Professional Photocopier, you can trust L.A. Records Service to handle sensitive patient data requests for you. Being in the industry since 1970, we know and understand HIPAA laws and codes of civil procedure and will ensure only valid requests are honored. We keep all protected health information (PHI) confidential and secure using the latest innovative management technologies and auditing controls.

Whether you would like us to come on-site or work remotely, our flexibility will ensure a solution that fits your organization's needs and maximizes profitability. If you are in Orange County or Los Angeles County, contact us today to see how we can make things easier for you or to hear more about what benefits our partnership can provide to your health organization.

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