Online Radiology DICOM Viewer
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Order and access all your records online! Cut costs and get your records faster without the time delays shipping adds. You not only save some time and money, but help cut down on paper use to help you operate more effeciently and to eliminate negative impact on the environment.

Web Repository & DICOM Viewer
We provide a secure and fully HIPAA compliant online repository which allows 24/7 viewing, downloading, sorting & sharing of documents with 3rd parties and includes a simple-to-use online radiology DICOM viewer. Radiology images can be instantly viewed, annotated and shared with 3rd parties directly within the repository saving you and your experts or co-counsel valuable time and unnecessary copying and shipping costs. You can even access your records and radiology images directly from your mobile device with a free app. Ask us how!

If preferred, radiology images can still be provided on CD.

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