Medical records ready to be copied
Civil Subpoena Preparation & Service

Los Angeles Records Service offers complete civil subpoena services including Records Only, Trial, Personal Appearance, Arbitration and Federal subpoenas. We will:

- Prepare your subpoenas
- Send notices to all counsel
- Serve the Custodian of Records
- Copy the records
- Distribute the records to the appropriate parties

Records we can obtain across the country include: Medical, X-rays, Employment, Insurance, School, Business, and more...

HIPAA Authorizations

We work hard to ensure we obtain your records as quickly and efficiently as possible. HIPAA & HITECH compliance always followed. We can help ensure your provided signed authorization follows HIPAA standards. Feel free to contact us for free guidance on HIPAA compliance. We keep all health information confidential and secure. Click Here for Sample HIPAA Authorization Form


Deposition Officer

Name Los Angeles Records Service as the deposition officer on your subpoena. If we prepare the subpoena, we will name ourselves as the deposition officer. Either way, we will continually follow up with the custodian of records and copy the records from any facility for you. We can provide copies to all parties or to your insurance carrier.


Online Services

Order and access your records online! We are in the process of developing a completely new and improved web database that should launch soon. Aside from the many new features and improvements this will provide, we want to take what is already simple and make it even more simple.

Our secure and fully HIPAA compliant online repository allows 24/7 viewing, downloading, sorting & sharing of documents with 3rd parties and includes a simple-to-use online radiology DICOM viewer. Radiology images can be instantly viewed, annotated and shared with 3rd parties directly within our repository saving you and your experts valuable time and unnecessary copying and shipping costs.

Document Duplication